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From its source at Ochamps, running as far as Resteigne, the river Lesse winds its way through the magnificent region of Haute-Lesse. After 13 kilometres in open countryside, the wandering river comes across a first village that bears its name: “Lesse”.

A true paradise for walkers, anglers or mountainbike riders, the Haute-Lesse area boasts natural surroundings that are genuinely wild wherever you look. There is outstanding scenery, dotted with hills and valleys, some steep, others more gentle, clad with woodland, strewn with stones and rocks, yet with clearings and meadows and many streams that flow from hither and thither towards the river.

In addition to major tourist sites, the many villages with their traditional 18th and 19th century architecture retain all of the rustic charm of the old Ardennes. At the same time, the region is packed with delightful curiosities to explore in hidden, simple and unspoilt locations: an ancient mill, old bridges, fascinating sites where legends abound and you’ll discover picturesque little hamlets in the winding bends of the river Lesse…

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